Wonderful Memory

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The introduction of psychology class in this semester is almost end, and this is also my first psychology class. I found some topics of our Psychology class is really fascinating and useful. For me, Chapter 7 "Memory--Constructing and Reconstructing Our Past" impress me a lot. This chapter discussed how our memory form and change from a science and biology view, and it talk about how memory operates, the three stages of memory, the biology of memory, and the the development of memory.
Memory is defined as the retention of information over time. The definition is somewhat abstract but it is obviously important for everyone. Memory let us recall the happiness, excited and enjoyment of past, even the sadness part of memory is treasure for me, as well as the memory of this class. :)
Our memory always process though three stages--encoding, storage and retrieval. The textbook vividly describe these stage similar in some ways to the process of filing and fetching a library book. Our brain is like a librarian to enters the cataloging information for a book into the our brain's database, and this step is called encoding. Then during storage step, our brain puts every memory in the proper "section" of our memory library. When we want to access some memory, our brain looks up the cataloging information and then to the the appropriate location the retrieve the memory parts.
Our brain is no doubt the most magic computer in the world!

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Good article! Our brains really are impressive, its amazing to think about all of the biology and how many things that we don't know or haven't been discovered about them yet.

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