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Millions of people across the world try new ways to lose weight every year. Some of these methods prove to be very effective, while others can end up being disastrous and even harmful to your health. But which diet plan is truly the worst weight loss plan ever? According to most of the research that I have found, one of the worst diet plans that has ever been introduced to the public is the Dukan diet. This was a celebrity diet that was said to be followed by the Duchess of Cambridge's mother, Carole Middleton, Jennifer Lopez, Gisele Bundchen, and multiple other well-known people.

The Dukan diet is said to be very complicated and ineffective, which is never good for a diet plan. Among other aspects, the diet includes a phase of only eating protein, and eating a low calorie diet during the day or week in order to allow for the majority of the calories to come into the body later through practices such as binge drinking. These phases of the diet sound extremely dangerous and can't be good for the human body in any way. This is probably why this diet topped the BDA's annual list of the five worst celebrity diets. If that doesn't convince you that this diet is the worst weight loss plan ever, consider that the even the creator of the diet, Dr Dukan, warns of the associated problems with the diet such as lack of energy, constipation and bad breath. All of this together shows why the Dukan diet is easily the worst diet ever.


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Great post. The link provided was a great resource and i thought you did a good job illustrating the Dukan diet. Definitely a diet i would never participate in.

I remember hearing about this diet on 60 minutes, i think. It's so interesting to hear how harmful it can be when it seemed to be effective for the people they were talking about. I even looked into it but then I realized I love food way too much. Your post was extremely informative!

Wow, what an awful way to lose weight. People will believe anything to get rid of a few pounds! What they don't consider, is how unhealthy all these crazy diets are, and then they do much more harm than good. I would never go on the Dukan diet! Thanks!

This diet sounds terrible!! I don't understand why anyone would put themselves through that pain! The pictures and links you added were great, especially the JLO pic! Totally got my attention! People fall for the weirdest fads nowadays, whats so wrong about eating normal and exercising regularly?

After reading this, I do not know why anyone would ever try this diet, it seems dangerous and unhealthy. I think that this diet would only really make someone worse off than they were before. People should just stick to watching what they eat and getting enough exercise if they want to get in shape and be healthy.

This sounds awful! I know that everyone wants to stay fit and lost weight but why would you do it by starving yourself or binge drinking? I think that its pretty obvious that the best way to lose weight is to exercise and cut out junk food! It's probably a lot less complicated than this crazy diet plan too! I would never want to try this one... Good post!

Very interesting topic! The Dukan diet sounds really terrible. I think it is better to stay fat than losing weight in this awful way. People shouldn't lose weight through ruining their bodies. I would never try that diet plan. Good post!

I think it's insane that there are so many of these crazy weight loss plans out there these days. None of them sound fun at all! People wouldn't have to try such crazy "diets" if they just learned how to take care of their bodies properly, and not get fat in the first place. America is known for people with poor eating habits, so it makes sense that we also have such poor dieting habits too!

Wow, I've never heard of that diet. The Dukan diet sounds horrible. Definitely something I wouldn't ever try. Nice blog post!

Weight losing is a kind of eternal topic among people. A lot of women and some men always want to find the way to lose weight healthy and effectively. I experienced a 20-days weight losing plan. During that period, I only ate one apple per day. And finally I lost almost 18 pounds. Although the process is painful, this plan is really effective.

That diet sounds awful! Most people who do such diets end up rebounding and gaining pounds back anyways!

This does sound horrible. I don't even understand how this would even seem desirable enough to try. you must really be delusional to pass over several other diets to say, "yep this is the diet for me!" WOW

This is give me more information that we should find the best weight loss plan but not horrible and dangerous. we should feel comfort for the diet.
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