The End of Psych 1001

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The photo above is what I remember most from this class... just kidding. It's almost difficult to try and think of something because we learned so much over the past 16 weeks! One concept that probably sticks out most in my mind-as of right now-would be our segment we did with behavior. I think about this one quite often actually, because I'm quite the dog fanatic and it was cool to learn about classical and operant conditioning... Ok, ok it was more fun to learn about Pavlov's dogs.26938_384152195682_531510682_4363538_7837628_n.jpg
So, when I start training my other dogs, I think I'll be able to dub myself master dog trainer, since Psych 1001 has informed me on some new ways to obtain behaviors I want! I could even use the information we learned in class to probably help me learn some new habits, or rid myself of a few undesirable ones ;)


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The obvious dog-related experiment is getting them to salivate at the ring of a bell, but through operant conditioning you could try doing a lot more! Interesting application to a different area of your life.

The picture of the quiz score made me laugh! I'm also a huge dog lover and classical/operant conditioning definitely came in handy when training my dogs. They're a lot smarter than we give them credit for and it's something that works when training them, since we obviously can't verbally communicate with them.

Loved the photo at the top...story of my life! Really enjoyed the picture as well and would definitely agree that this topic will stick in my mind because of all the time we spent on it! Great blog!

I liked the picture of the quiz score!!! I totally know how you feel when you get a 4.5, its frustrating! I also love animals, specially dogs, and thought the Pavlov experiment was very interesting.

This blog is really funny to read! I also love dogs and had a blast reading about pavlov's experiment with dogs. I have tried to train my dog to do cool tricks but it has never worked out. Maybe I can learn a thing or two from pavlov!

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