IQ on a Job Application?

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Should IQ tests be used to apply for a job? Why not? Employers want the smartest people to work for them and make their company successful. But is being "smart" the only qualification someone should have? For certain jobs, sure. Being a genius could be the only thing they are looking for. IQ tests, however, can only measure a certain level or type of "smartness". Take Chris Langan as an example. He has one of the highest IQs in the United States, but he can hardly hold a job, and these are not high profile careers. He has worked as a bar bouncer, firefighter, and construction worker. Not exactly jobs you would typically associate with a genius. Chris, however, has people problems. He has dropped out of two colleges and can't hold a steady job. Based on this example, I do not believe IQ tests should be used to determine qualified applicants for a job.

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