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One thing that I will definitely remember from Psy 1001 is the Six Principles of Scientific Thinking. Extraordinary Claims Require Extraordinary Evidence, Falsifiability, Occam's Razor, Replicability, Ruling out Rival Hypotheses, and Correlation vs. Causation. Learning about these six principles have really changed the way I think about and see things. Although I believe that all of them are very important, the principles that I usually focus on and use in my daily life are Falsifiability, Ruling out Rival Hypotheses, and Correlation vs. Causation, but mostly Correlation vs. Causation. These principles have really helped me to keep my mind open when learning or perceiving new things. Several times I have caught myself falling prey to conventional thinking but because of these principles I was able to stop and reevaluate the situation. Overall, the Six Principles of Scientific Thinking is one thing I found both extremely interesting as well as being able to apply my life intimately.

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