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college lecture_hall_teaching.jpgWow, what a year! Freshman year has had its mix of fun times with friends and pulling all-nighters, eating late-night and booking it to St. Paul for a 9 am class. But what I will take home from PSY 1001 is increased understanding about social interaction - how others affect us and how to better understand others through application of psychological principals.

My favorite lab was the one regarding obedience of social norms, watching a recreation of Solomon Asch's line experiment and the horrifying results of Migram's "electric shock" study. The results of both these experiments were disturbing, but they gave me a new understanding for how much society relies on conventional behavior and adherence to norms. If anything, now I feel like I am more likely to feel comfortable dissenting from groupthink because I can draw upon these examples of how social pressures and norms might lead someone awry rather than the right way.

Also, I now am able to better distinguish pseudoscience from research-based studies and findings. This in itself is a helpful life application of psychology and science in general, because the media does not always report accurate or unbiased information and it is my job to be an informed consumer and citizen.

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