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From what I heard from my friends about psych, I expected it to be a hard class with material that wasn't interesting and tests that were impossible to do well on. However, neither of those things were true. Psych tests were hard yeah, but with enough work I found that any grade you want can be achieved. I also found that Psychology is one of the most interesting subjects that I have ever studied. Three of the most interesting topics that I found interesting were sleep, classical and operant conditioning and child development.
I found sleep interesting because sleep should take up around a third of your day and its something that I overlooked previously. Learning about the theories behind how we dream was something that I found interesting as well as how sleep schedules work. In all actuality, that was probably one of the most useful thing that i've ever learned in school. Both types of conditioning were very interesting to me as well. I can see how they can be used in work, family, and with animals. The last of the three, child development, is actually the most important thing that I have learned. In the future, I do plan on having children and I definitely see myself using as much of the child development section that i can remember in order to raise my children.
As the semester ends and I review for the final and look over all the material, I get a chance to reflect on what I will take with me after I finish this class.


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The way classical and operant conditioning works is really interesting - its a new way to look at interactions between authority figures and the people under them - even on a large or even professional scale.

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