What can intelligence testing do for this company?

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During this semester, we were introduced to many concepts in psychology, but the on that I will remember five years from now is the idea of intelligence testing. Our textbook explains the changes to the process that have occurred over the last hundred years that have made them more useful in identifying a broader definition of intelligence. Scientists have yet completely define and identify the location of intelligence, but we still attempt to measure it. These tests also have drawbacks as they have been used in eugenics. This is because they look at problem solving skills as well as test taking and fact retention. Because of their application in hiring and other aspects of job performance, I have been reminded of them almost weekly since they were introduced to us. I help a lot with human resources tasks at my job, and we use integrity tests and interviews to make decisions, but my HR manager has had trouble hiring committed workers who are able to quickly learn job duties. Lillienfeld cited studies which show that intelligence tests are actually better predictors of job performance than interviews, but not as good as the integrity tests. Though we found in our discussion section that relying exclusively on intelligence tests is not an effective way to hire, but I do wonder how their use would help with our employee retentionNot-Hiring-The-American.jpg

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