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closed.jpgA few of you have managed to sneak in entries after I finished grading... After this entry posts, I am declaring the blog closed. This mean that if you post any late entries or comments after this time, they will not be graded! Have a great summer!

How to Blog

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blogging101.gifTo be able to post entries, you have to log into the library's UThink web site. Click on "Start Blogging!" to log in with your x500 account information. Once you are logged in, you will come to a screen called "Dashboard." At the top of this page, there is a "System Overview" pull-down menu. From that menu, you should choose our section's site (PSY 1001 section 22 Spring 2012). That will take you to a new page; on that page, you should go to the "Create" pull-down menu and select "Entry." Then, start writing!

A few helpful tips...

  • In order to post a picture, you need to have the picture saved in some way first. Then, go to the spot in your entry where you roughly would like the picture. Click on the "Insert Image Icon" (the one that sort of looks like a house with a sun over it; second from the right on the toolbar). Follow the directions from there...

  • To insert a link as text, copy the link location. (I find it easiest to have the link open in another tab or window to do this.) Highlight the text that you would like to use as the link. Then, click on the link icon on the toolbar (looks like a chain), paste your link in the box and go from there.

  • To embed video, you have two options. (1) Insert the video as a link, using the above directions for inserting a link as text. (2) Actually embed the video (you'll see a still of the video in your finished entry). To do this, whatever system you use (e.g., YouTube), should have a "share" option. Click on this and you should be able to either get the HTML code for linking to the video or a button that says "Embed." If you click on "Embed," you will get the HTML code that you need to cut and paste into your entry to embed the video.

    • NOTE: for links, pictures, and video, you will NOT see the images in the "Create Entry" box. To make sure you've done things correctly, you should PREVIEW your entry before publishing it. Once you've saved, your entry will be published, unless you have "Draft" selected in the Published window to the left of the Create Entry box. If you write in draft mode, be sure that you eventually publish your entry so that you can received credit! Also, in order for your entry to be graded in a timely manner, please click the relevant category box (found to the right of the edit entry section). If you do not see any categories, click on the "+" sign next to the word edit on the same line as "Categories."

      Good luck and please let me know if you run into any problems or have any questions! Remember to preview, preview, preview before publishing your post :-)

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