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You just Became Aware

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At what age do you believe you recognized yourself? The moment when you looked in a mirror and thought- that is me, or when someone pointed to a picture to you as a baby and you were able to make the connection that, that was you at a younger age. One man, Marcus de Sautoy, makes a documentary in search for that.
Sautoy visits a unit in which they have pinned down the age at which we discover ourselves. This happens between the ages of 18-24 months. They were able to pin point this down by conducting a study. In the study you place a child/ infant in front of a mirror, when he/she makes eye contact with themselves in said mirror you place a mark on the child's face. Once this mark has been placed on the face you allow the child to look at the themselves again- if the child reaches for the mark on his/her face it is a clear indicator that they have realized that it is a reflection of themselves- thus meaning the have become aware of what they look like.
Sautoy brings up an amazing point, you can live up to a year in your life with no knowledge of yourself. You could look at yourself and not even know that you are seeing yourself. This self-awareness allows you to engage in yourself and see your past through pictures and memories with images of yourself. The only three things that are able to do this are humans, orangutan, and gorillas. This is an amazing feature for us to have.
I love being able to see this as I babysit many children. When you're with a young baby they are fascinated by mirrors but when you ask them if they see themselves they become very puzzled. It is also like when you show a young child a portrait of themselves as a newborn- it is hard for them to imagine their body that young. Our life is forever changed because we can recognize ourselves. Just think: What do you think humans would look/ dress like without the ability to recognize themselves in a mirror? Do you think looks would be as important? Do you think our ability to recognize ourselves if for the better- or not?

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