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The topic of aggression caused by video games interested me when we talked about it in discussion. As a topic akin to different mediums - involving music/sound, visual video elements, from a variety of sources, violent video games are a difficult topic when it comes to our discussion of regulation or censorship. Our group agreed with the rating system of video games today (E, T, and M usually). But the danger of these games is their power to "arouse" aggressive behaviors. We saw that Power Rangers, a generally violent or fighting action-oriented program, aroused noticeably more aggressive behavior in small children (which may not have been the appropriate age according to the rating).
I remember watching "The Mummy" series of movies as a child and fighting with my brother with their combat moves, or even wrestling moves from WWE shows - which aroused a more aggressive behavior in me. These programs took advantage of impressionable children (along with children who seek to build their own gender through strong cis-gendered characters).
This brings up the question of whether these programs should, in fact, be censored. They certainly are simple enough to be understood by children, so it seems dangerous for that type of behavior to be displayed so readily and easily. Yet, the individual liberty of the parents should be the ultimate factor in what children end up watching (along with obvious restrictions by the government to certain media).
But my question is in the different types of arousal - as arousal just describes our reaction to stimuli. By watching cooking shows I want to cook more, if I see a political ad I want to get up and vote or feel a certain way; there is a type of arousal in most media sources we interpret. I think if we think of arousal in a scale of "gray area" rather than "on" or "off" we can more easily understand human's reaction to stimuli - such as the Csikszentmihalyi mental state map, shown below. In this way, we can more accurately categorize what types of media could be considered arousing the wrong type of emotions or actions - which should be used more in the regulation of media (like the FCC, etc.)
arousal map.png

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