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Something that caught my eye while looking through Chapter 9, was a section that analyzed the efficiency of college admissions tests in predicting the grades of future college students. This segment seemed to argue that if you take the entire range of all (ACT/SAT) scores from college applications and compare them to college GPAs there is an obvious positive correlation. However, the most interesting part of this section was that if you only look at the higher scores of a more prestigious college, there is close to zero correlation to their college GPA. To me, this information indicated that college admissions tests do a relatively good job of separating good students from students that might struggle, but when they create a pool full of good students, the respective GPAs are quite unpredictable. The book used a term for this called restriction of range, where the correlation decreases as the range of scores decreases. This made me think about my own ACT score and where my GPA is after 5 semesters. I would say an admissions counselor would have seen my score and predicted my GPA to be maybe a little bit higher than where it is now. How does your GPA compare to what you think an admissions counselor would have predicted based on your test score?

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