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How do we talking?

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When we see something you never seen before, you may talk to your friends, "It was amazing" or "it was so interesting". Have you ever think about how your brain acts when you talk to others using your language? Or have you ever think about why you can use language to express your emotion exactly´╝č
In the chapter 8, scientists divide language into four levels: Phonemes, Morphemes, Syntax and Extralinguistic information. Simply, phonemes are the sounds of the language, and the morphemes are the smallest units of a meaningful word. Syntax is rules to construct a sentences and extralinguistic information provide more information to make a sentence more meaningful.
Even a simplest sentence needs collaboration of different complex processing areas of the brain. The picture below marked all language processing areas of the brain.
brain funcation
Also I found two picture can make us easily understand how the brain works when we say the words we heard and when we say the words we read.
When we see some words on book, the message first send to primary visual corte, then deliver to language area on the back including Wernicke's area. Wernicke's area deals with the words to let the person understand the words. After that, the messages are send to Broca's area, which main function is let brain to compose a correct sentence. Finally, the massages arrive primary motor cortex to command the muscle around mouth move and people can talking.

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