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The truth about IQ

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I think the concept that I would remember in five years, is the concept of IQ; I thought chapter 9 was the most interesting read in the whole book. In this chapter, the author was able to convince me that, even if IQ is mainly heritable, the environment plays a major role. However, what I thought was the most interesting is that even if IQ correlates with the amount of education people obtain and the intellect of their jobs, it still does not correlate with other significant traits. For example, IQ does not correlate with creativity. I thought this was surprising, since it shows that average people have more creative ideas than a person of genius IQ. I also enjoyed the fact that wisdom is not related to IQ. For me, this makes a lot of sense, since there are a lot of scientists,that are smart people, but still don t have good ethics. In the end, the author considers creative and wise people equals to ones with a high IQ. The author also argues that people with a high IQ can still be tricked by average people. In summary, I think it would be nice to be in the range of geniuses, but if you don't fall in that range you may still be a wise or creative person, which is as valuable as anything else.

Today, there is a lot of research going on in the field of genetics. Researchers are desperately trying to find, genes that are reponsible of every actions of a human being. Some researchs claim that they have already found a gene that they called the religious gene, in which it s abscence would make you an atheist. Some other researchers, are trying to find ou if there is a gene that is responsible of people alcoholism. Other researchers even speculate on gene of criminality which if exisitng on a people s chromosome would make them more prone to be criminals.
I personally do not see any opposition for these researchs. However, what scares me is what people would do with such findings and not the findings themselves. Humans always feel the need to play god, and therefore every time that there are new findings, they do not even wait for the alternative hypothesis, and start using those findings as a tool to wipe out other humans. We have seen such tragedy, on chapter 9, when we discussed IQ, and how decades ago, scientist just decided sterilizing african americans without their consent. People were blinded with their findings, that they did not see that they were doing is the same thing nazis have done to the jews, eliminating other people because they are considered inferior. I don t think this is a question of color, or race, I think all groups are capable of such atrocities, because people cannot help taht desire of wanting to feel superior, and that desire of having the perfect genes. People tend to forget holding a certain type of genes does not assure that does not assure the expression of that gene and that the environment play a role as well. But more important people tend to forget their mistake of the past. Therefore, having a board that decide of ethical implication of every genetic research is crucial to prevent tragedies.
I personally believe if for example a gene of criminalit existed, majority of the people will decide to put the person in jail even before it commits a crime. However, I think that is wrong and everyone should eb considered the same no matter what their genes are. The difference, is that for example you have a criminal gene, society should offer you help to prevent you from commiting crime, and not judge you on your gene. We all deserve to live and we all deserve the benefit of the doubt, no one shoudl judge you on your genes, or decide on waht to do with you genes.

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