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Personality and Looks

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Think about the last time you were out, and saw someone you thought was absolutely stunning, handsome, gorgeous..whatever you like to call it. A "ten". In my case, lets say it's a guy. I finally get the courage to talk to him, and he seems first. Then I realize something, he's dull. He's narcissistic. He's egocentric. He keeps going on and on and on about how amazing he is. His looks just dropped 3 points.

We learned in class that people generally get together with people who are relatively on the same scale looks wise as themselves, but what about those people whose personalities ruin their looks? Or those people who have such great personalities you don't care about their looks at all? It seems that more often than not, personality trumps looks to me. Funny, kind hearted, easy going guys beat out "hot" any day.

An example of a bad "date" here.

Anyone else met someone they thought was great until they opened their mouths? I'm sure you all have!

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