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Obviously, we all are students at a great University, so our parents must have done something right!! But do you ever run into people and think-- "Wow, what did their parents teach them growing up?" When reading the section on the different types of parenting styles, I started by analyzing my parents' style and then compared it to other parents I know. Using the three main parenting styles developed by Diana Baumrind, Permissive, Authoritarian, and Authoritative, I can clearly pin point how I was raised compared to some of my friends. I find this so interesting because even though we were brought up completely different we all turned out to be similar enough that we became close friends. My parents were more of authoritative, they showed me lots of affection and allowed me to be independent, but also made clear to me what was and was not acceptable behavior. I get along great with my parents. My best friend grew up with pretty Authoritarian style parents. They are not very affectionate, extremely strict, and punish her often. She has a rocky relationship with her parents, but because of their strict rules she learned great study habits which she appreciates now at college! It is fun to compare how each of my friends views the world based on how we were taught and treated by our parents. This is an important thing to study, because it can be helpful to develop a better technique to raising children. I know that I already have some sort of idea of what to do when I start having children in the DISTANT future just by reading this chapter and comparing parents I know.

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