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Through out this class there has been a lot of basic information being taught about Psychology, and how the Human brain actually work. The thing that caught my eye the most would probably have to be the intelligence and IQ testing. I found intelligence test very interesting because researchers can tell so much about someone from a basic test that is given. I have recently talk to my older brother who just got hired in a financing job out of college, and he said that they are required to take an Intelligence test. So intelligence test can be done by by employers, when looking to hire new people for there company. However he wasn't exactly sure what exactly they were looking for in the intelligence test. Another thing that caught my eye about Intelligence test and IQ test is how many different ones that are out there, and what the results show for certain ones.

Bad weight loss plans

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In the US we have thousands of American struggling with there weight. America is overweight and people get upset with there body especially around summer time. So people try every trick in the book just to lose some weight for summer, spring breaks and a bunch of other reasons. This can actually cause problem for certain people because Believe it or not, there are bad ways to lose weight. The two terms that come to my mind when thinking about bad weight loss plans are bulimia and anorexia. The book defines bulimia as a eating disorder associated with a pattern of bingering and purging in an effort to lose or maintain weight, and anorexia as a eating disorder associated with excessive weight loss and the irrational perception that one is overweight. Bulimia (most common eating disorder) becomes very dangerous because after eating a big size meal the person will then force them self to vomit and when that happens they are making it so they do not get right nutrition. The people that have balimia are usually young women who are perfectionists with low self-esteem. Anorexia isn't as common as bulimia however it is just as dangerous. Anorexia is a mental issue when people who aren't overweight have the feeling or think that they are overweight so they try not to eat, or eat very little. Anorexia patients are very skinny and suffer from not getting the right nutrition. There are good ways and bad ways to lose weight. and unfortunately the easiest ways to lose weight (bulimia and anorexia) are extremely bad for you. So if you are looking to lose weight make sure you pick a healthy weight lose program. anorexia-2.jpg

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