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One thing that I think I will remember five years from now is one of the concepts that seemed to come up many times throughout the entire book, which was the scientific thinking principles. These principles are obviously very important in psychology and they can also be applied to everyday life such as the situations that you are put in and the judgements that you have to make. The principle of ruling out rival hypotheses might help me to broaden my perspective and look at other solutions. The theory of correlation versus causation will remind me that one thing does not necessarily cause another.
Falsifiability will remind me not to believe everything that I hear as some things can be made up and there is no way of proving them. Replicability shows how important it is to back up your findings and eliminate any things that may have happened because of chance. Extraordinary claims will remind me to look at the evidence of the claim and make sure that it is reasonable to make that claim. Occam's razor shows me that there may be simpler ways of explaining things and to not get to caught up trying to make a complex argument. These principles are simple and helpful ways to analyze the things you may come across in everyday life which is why I think I will remember them.

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