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A Loss of Memory

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Alzheimer's is a disorder that affects so many people across the United States and the world. I have personal experience with this dealing with my grandpa. He has it mildly but it is very noticeable. At times, I get a good little laugh when he asks me or my family members the same questions over and over. But most of the time, it makes me sad seeing him how he is. He sometimes forgets or calls me by my cousins name and he also never can remember what I am doing for college. He also always asks me if I am still playing football and it hurts that football is such a huge part of my life here at the University of Minnesota and it is something he can't remember. Even with the stuff he forgets, he remembers a lot of other things and it makes me happy to see him remembering things about me when I was younger and the experiences we have had together.

Dealing with the disorder Alzheimer's,it is the most common form of Dementia. Dementia is the decline in mental ability sever enough to interfere with daily life and activities, such as memory loss. Alzheimer's is caused by damage to brain cells. The damage affects the brains ability to communicate between cells. The damage to different parts of the brains determines how the damage affects the individual since different regions of the brain are "in charge" of different functions.

Treating Alzheimer's is possible although there are no cures for the disorder at this time. Treatments include medication for different effects of the disorder. Effects of Alzheimer's can change behavior, memory, or sleep changes and medication is used accordingly.

Prevention of Alzheimer's is difficult and there are no clear cut ways to prevent it. Some ways include eating right, exercising, and keeping your brain healthy (head trauma can cause Alzheimer's),


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