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One a day... keeps fat away?

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Insert one dollar and 25 cents... that's the easy part, right? So now the question is what to pick? There are the usual options: crush, coke, sprite, water, and diet coke... I personally always chose a diet coke, but could that be affecting my health? I always hear people debate whether or not diet pop is actually worse than regular so I decided to do a bit of research on the subject. I looked at three different articles and opinions on diet pop, and the verdict? Still clueless, everyone says differently.

The first article which I have attached, says pretty bluntly that "diet pop makes you fat". For research, they did a study on people between the ages of 65-74 to test how much weight diet pop can add on. In their study they found that the people who drank diet gained 70% more weight. They also state that the fake sugars in diet cause people to be more hungry than others. Although their research seems legit and it comes from a reputable place- the age group on which the tests were performed doesn't exactly make it relatable for me... you agree?

The second article talks more about the safety of these drinks and it states that diet pop does not cause cancer as some have come to believe. They also discuss the weight gain issue through two different sets of experiments; one on rats, the other on humans. The rats gained weight and the humans didn't.. I think I'm going to put my trust in the second test in this case. They say that in moderation diet drinks will not affect your health OR your weight.

And finally, the third article is very neutral. It is a question and answer style. The question? Will my diet pop affect my health? The answer? It won't harm you if you have one or two a day. Studies have shown that more than that of any type of pop can lead to obesity issues, basically drink in moderation and you should be fine. Or you could drink milk instead.....

Now I don't know about you, but I can see issues with each one of these views. In the first article the group of people tested were seniors and they have a slower metabolism in general, so I believe that there should have been a range of ages in order to get an accurate set of data. The second discussed a test done on rats that turned out negatively and one on humans which was positive. I feel that these two studies were too different to tell what the actual results should be. The third was basically an opinion piece so it mostly needed more research to back it up.

From these three sources, I have concluded that as long as you don't drink more than a diet OR regular pop a day- your weight will not be affected. One a day will keep the doctor away.... and the weight.

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