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I have always found paintings and different forms of art so interesting. It always seems like the artist is just waiting for you to find the hidden message they put there. They all just have little secrets, which why I think it's extremely difficult to get bored of studying art.

imagesCAIXS7OZ.jpg EscherBelvedere9Real.gif

When I read about vanishing points and saw this picture in the book, I literally stopped and studied it for a good 5 minutes. It took me awhile to understand the painting. Once I saw how it was put together, it really gave me a good idea of what vanishing points are. Since it was so hard to trace the lines of the building to where they meet, the many vanishing points make this an impossible figure. It was interesting to Google the painting and to see how it would have to be constructed. These are the types of things that make me want to learn more about architecture and art. I always wonder how artists are capable of painting these types of things and how architects design such intense buildings.

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