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After exploring many different themes and topics in psychology this semester I found myself particularly interested in developmental psychology. I think a lot of this interest came from my liking of children and someday wanting to work with them. I thought the processing of the brain at different ages was fascinating. The differences between each age group and the way their brains worked were very large, I had never imagined differences this profound between ages. I was very interested in the idea of conservation in infants. I had always thought that infants were amused when playing peekaboo games because the were just a fun way to pass the time to them. It shocked me to learn that the infants actually see this game as an incredible magic trick. They believe that when an object is covered up or is no longer in sight, the object does not exist. Many other examples of the differences in brain processing among various age groups were presented in class; all of which were equally interesting. This summer I am nannying for a family that has two small children. After learning about developmental psychology I will be able to better understand how their brains work and understand their reasoning for doing certain actions.

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