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There are many small and intriguing facts that I will definitely remember from Psych 1001. For example: the placebo effect. I will definitely remember the fact that placebo pills and real pills 'cure' depression to about the same extent. I will also remember that IQ tests are actually more of an indicator of job performance compared to in-person interviews. I found that amazing and interesting. However, there is one major concept that I will surely remember down the road; classical and operant conditioning. These were both things I had heard of and learned to an extent before this class, but the concepts were definitely cemented in my head thanks to this class. I think these concepts are important because I do believe that much of what we do is because of something that we learned through these interesting types of conditioning. I also find it amazing that Pavlov was able to make dogs salivate to the sound of a metronome. If one had no idea what classical conditioning is this would sound completely absurd! I also think that Skinners ability to shape the behavior of animals is insane. The story about him training pigeons to basically fly a missile is definitely one I won't forget!

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To Catch a Liar

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As with many studies in psychology detecting whether or not someone is lying isn't black and white. There is no formula to calculate whether someone isn't telling the truth.

The polygraph test has long been considered the best way in mainstream psychology. However, our text points out that it does no better than chance. The textbook made one other point that I found interesting; people get better at detecting lies with experience. Federal officers and sheriffs are better than the majority of people at detecting lies because they have a vast pool of experience.

One other topic that I came across and found interesting is the concept of micro-expressions. These are facial expressions that last a mere 1/25th of a second and convey Ekman's list of basic emotions and are also useful at detecting lies. The show Lie to Me was based around this phenomenon, as well as a novel that I read by Robert Ludlum call The Ambler Warning. In both the main character is able to easily read these expressions and therefore determine whether someone is lying.

A study was conducted called The Wizards Project. This project was designed to test people abilities to detect whether someone was lying.. By 2004 they had tested 13,000 people and only 31 were able to accurately determine whether someone is lying. Among the tactics those 31 used were micro-expressions.

Below is a video that shows some examples of micro-expressions that can portray a lie.

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