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Can Our Face Cheat Us?!

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What I am assigned is chapter 11. This chapter is mainly talking about the emotion and motivation that people have in their mind. What attracts me most in this chapter is the emotional expression. According to the textbook, people have seven primary emotions. facial_expressions1.jpgThat is happiness, sadness, surprise, anger, disgust, fear and contempt. These emotion expressions are presented by our face. However, sometimes, our faces "cheat" us--the fake emotion as talked in Lilienfeld's book. When someone is not happy and does not want others to know that, he or she will probably make a happy facial expression which others cannot easily distinguish it. In psychologists' eye, this facial expression can be known as a fake emotion. This part makes me recall a TV series called Lie To Me. Dr. Lightman, the hero in this TV series, has an organization that works to help the police expose people who have fake facial expressions. In this way, the police can know who are not honest to them. Here is a video clip of the TV series' intro:

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