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Chapter 14 discusses the different structures and theories about personality. Theories such as where our personalities come from, what makes up our personality, differences in personalities, and many other theories. An example is if our personality traits are heritable and in our genes or influenced by the environment. To study this, researchers studied the correlation between fraternal and identical twins who grew up together and those apart. Researchers also address the different kind of tests people take that that claims to tell more about ones personality. This I found very interesting, especially the psychological interpretation of the handwriting (graphology). Many companies rely on this information to identify employees that may be prone to dishonesty and other behaviors, even though investigators have found this method of reading personality trait through handwriting invalid. Participants that wrote brief autobiographies revealed some of their own personality traits through the content, rather than writing identical passages where no personal stories can be read by the graphologist. If a participant wrote a brief autobiography opposite who they are, what would the results yield about his personality? Will the graphologist base the personality traits by the handwriting style or on the fake story's content?

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