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What connotations does the word "poetry" have for you?
Name a poem you like, and briefly explain why you like it.


1. The word "poetry" to me means some type of reflection, like a type of meaningful story or lesson written in words. When I think of the word "poetry", I usually think that what is written to be either really happy situations filled with joy (such as love) and very sad situations (such as depression or a loss). Although this is not always what poetry consists of, it is what first comes to mind for me.
2. A poem I really like is "The Giving Tree" by Shel Silverstein. I have always loved his books ever since I was little but "The Giving Tree" is my all time favorite. I like it because it basically explains and proves how no matter what, at the end of everything, those who truly love and care for you will be there. They will be there to offer every last bit of themselves that they have, simply because they cherish having you in their lives that much. This poem reminds me a lot of my family. My Mom, older brother, and I are extremely close and I can easily relate to the tree. I will always be there for my Mom and brother at the end of everything and anything.

1. When I think of poetry, I think of it as another way of expressing an idea or telling a story. Poetry also reminds me of my Great Aunt and Uncle who write poetry.
2. I like the song by Deana Carter, We Danced Anyways. The song tells a story and is happy.

The word poetry, for me, is like a more elegant form of prose. It has more rules: like rhyming, number of syllables or lines, beats or meters, etc. Poetry has never appealed to me as much as prose, probably because it is harder for me to follow and connect with. Poetry is connected to humor, love, and suffering.

A poem that I like is the song, “Glamorous Indie Rock ‘n Roll,? by The Killers. I connect with the passion in the song for music. Also, it reminds me of my friends and our silly lifestyle. It makes me happy.

When I think of poetry I can’t help but remember William Shakespeare. However, I have to admit that being a non-native English speaker limits my understanding of his elaborate vocabulary. To me, poetry represents love, happiness, and even sadness; a plethora of human emotions, really. It is a high-class way to invoke feelings or thoughts or passion in the reader.

Being a non-native English speaker also makes all of my favorite poems in Arabic. Take the Quran, for instance. It’s beautiful, intricate prose; words to live by. However, since this is an English writing class I will choose a song to share. The song, "In color", by Jamey Johnson is my selection for this assignment. Songs are an easy way for me to express to others how they make me feel and much less complicated to explain than other sources of poetry I would be more familiar with.

Ever since I was a child I was always obsessed with my family's photo album. I used to look at each picture and try to read as many of the hidden details as I could, especially since my grandparents had passed away before I was born and my parents used to tell me interesting stories about them. The song, "In Color", makes my body tingle. It takes me back to the past and somehow I find myself reminiscing my family's photo album in Egypt.

1. To me poetry means any form of expression in word and sound that someone creates to serve a purpose.
2.My poem of choice would have to definitely be "The Raven" by Edgar Allan Poe. I love this poem so much because it has been around for so long and whenever I read it I just get into the zone and all I can picture is the halloween episode of the Simpsons when they did the Raven.

1. Poetry to me is a certain kind of literature, that provides you with a story or a situation. Poetry is something that can be and should be taken different ways by different people.
2.My favorite poem is "The Road Not Taken" by Robert Frost. This poem is my favorite because it truly shows how great it is to be different and to not do something because it is what everyone else is doing.

People communicate their feelings in various ways. Some people like to tell stories. Some people make art. Some make music. Some write in a journal. Poetry is just another way for someone to express their feelings, thoughts, hopes, fears, etc. Most people think of poetry simply as short verses that often express feelings. However, the lyrics of songs, stories and tales, and even art can be poetry.

One of my favorite songs is "I Hope You Dance" by Lee Ann Womack. The lyrics are really powerful to me. They make me realize how many things in life we really do take for granted. Life gives us so many opportunities and challenges, but most people are too caught up in their own lives to realize what gifts they are given each day. Sure it's easy to recognize the materialistic things we have, but it's sometimes hard to see the little things that matter most. Things like family, friends, health, education, freedom. This song sort of reminds people to take time to think of the simple things in life and appreciate them.

I think that poetry, to me, is a way to state something in a way that may not make sense immediately. I am often very confused with poetry and appreciating meaning to poems does not come very easily to me. I have found that when the point of the poem is pointed out to me I can follow it much better, but otherwise I am usually just lost. Poetry takes many different forms and writing down lines that rhyme is just the basis of poetry. Songs, stream-of-consciousness, haikus, palindromes, and many other ways of writing all fit in with the category of being poetry.
One poem that I really like is a song by Robert Plant called Ship of Fools. The way the song is played appeals to me but the lyrics themselves are also very interesting. The internal rhyming and overall meaning of the song, when broken down is very cleverly put together. Really, I think it is just a good song and the way the lyrics are presented adds a lot to the song, itself.

The word poetry for me is thought of as an intricate way to tell a story or more importantly share your inner emotions, whether they are of guilt, sadness, or joy. I see poetry as a finely crafted work of art that has had a great deal of time put into it so that everything fits just right. Although poetry is more difficult for me to understand than traditional writing, I find great satisfaction when I am able to reveal the deep interlocked message that poetry offers.

The poem that I have found is “The Farmer? by Sue Ikerd. This poem closely resembles my family and our lifestyle of farming. The poem describes a man that has been a farmer all his life and has had farming in his blood for several generations. My grandfather has shown me pictures of the farmers that worked together as a family, helping one another harvest their crops, just as the farmer in the poem does. When the farmer had children, he taught them the way of life on the farm, just as my father has taught me similar life lessons. The farmer shows deep appreciation for nature and finds it as a way to draw closer to God. Nearly everything that is covered in this poem I can personally relate to, and it seems as though it was written about my family.

1.) When I think of poetry, I think of a style of writing that has a certain rhythm that say a novel or any other type of writing doesn't focus on. I also think of a work that has a specific language, where each word is painstakingly chosen for a quality no other synonym could create.

2.) Mr. Nathaniel McDonald ninja'd Robert Frost's piece so I am going to have to go with Macavity - The Mystery Cat by T S Eliot, mostly because I really, really like cats. It is silly, fun, and imaginative, which is why I loved the poem from the first time I read it years ago. But mostly it is about a cat!

1.) when I think of the word "Poetry," I think of art. The writer is a intelligent individual. who would like to say something in a creative way.

2.) Fire and Ice a poem by Robert Frost. this is a poem that i had to read and write on in high school. from the first time that I had read it I liked it.

1. To me poetry is another form of sharing experience. Most of the time these are left up for interpretation by those who read it.
2. “All the World's a Stage? by William Shakespeare. I find this poem to be interesting in that I feel everyone can relate to it. Each person finds themselves playing different roles throughout their life and can continually change those roles based on the situation before them.

1. Poetry makes me think of someone who is artistic. Someone who can use words to express themselves and ideas. There are so many different kinds of poetry and that is what makes it feel artistic to me.
2. I enjoy Where the Sidewalk Ends by Shel Silverstein. It isn't too complicated for my untrained eye to handle and all of his peoms have interesting stories and perspectives.

To me the word poetry suggests a creative mind using rhyme to express inner emotion or to tell a story.

"Return the Favor" by In the Face of War. This song explains how friends are family, and family are friends. About life being great, and that through the ups and downs you need your friends to be there for you, and you to be there for them.

When I think of poetry I think of a meaningful subject or topic that a person uses many words to describe. I think of many deep describing words, similes, and metaphors that make a person really think about the subject in their own way. I also think about a story being told in rhythmic words when I hear poetry. The story could be about the poets own thoughts and feelings or an actual event.
The poem I picked to share is a song called “Kickin’ Back? by 32 Below, a country band who originated in a small rural town right outside of my hometown and made it big. I chose this song because it’s a song that I can completely relate to. This song is about hanging out with friends in the summer time out at the lakes without a care in the world, but knowing that everything is going to change at the end of the summer because they will all go their separate ways. This was exactly the way my last summer of high school ended and this song reminds me of the good old days and priceless memories I shared with my friends from home.

1. Poetry is the way that people/writers have to express their feelings (hate, love) and their thoughts (political, social). Writing poetry is to create art through words which are organized by verse to give you pleasure and provoke thoughts when listening.
2. My favorite poem is a Brazilian poem by Carlos Drummond de Andrade called "Quadrilha". It's about a love story involving 7 people.

The first thoughts that come to mind for me when I hear the word poetry are rhyming poems or syllable poems like haikus. These are probably the things that come to mind for me due to the fact that these are the types of poems that I would learn about in elementary and junior high school. Thinking more about it though I would have to say poetry is more abstract wording that doesn't necessarily connect together directly so the reader has to think about it. It tells a story, but makes the reader decipher what it means to an extent.

I don’t really have a favorite poem, but one that I remember reading a lot during elementary school is “Where the Sidewalk Ends? by Shel Silverstein. This poem is written for children. It describes the connection between the sidewalk and the road, and implies to me the warning parents give kids to not play in the road. I don’t really know why I remember this particular poem, but I do.

1. The word poetry brings about many images that include art, stories and emotion. Poetry is an artwork that allows people to tell stories and express emotion. It is a simple way of authors to get their ideas across to a broad audience and can have a large impact on many readers.

2. The poem I chose is unnamed but it is about how people grow up and how they change through their lives. The poem starts with a girl as a toddler and ends as her as a grandmother. I like this poem because as a first year college student, I am constantly reminded that my life is quickly changing and I can't go back to how my life used to be.

When the thought of poetry comes to mind, I think of expression. Individuals can easily express themselves by the means of language whether it be sign language, body movements, and speech. Because language is universal, poetry is also universal. You attain a sense of belonging when poetry is present. Poetry is soothing, so when I hear the word, I usually think "awwww". Poetry connects you to your inside representation.

"Footprints in the Sand" by Mary Stevenson is a poem that describes an everlasting relationship. There are different versions of the poem, but all are relavent to the theme of inspiration and comfort. That is what has drawn this poem as one of my favorites.

When I think of poetry, I think of short meaningful stories. These stories convey a message, important or not. When I think of poems, I usually think of them conveying an incident with some feeling attached to it. Whether it was a sad occasion or a happy one. Poems are also many times open to interpretation. Not one person reads a poem the exact same way, which makes it more interesting to hear other people’s opinions and reactions.

My favorite poem would have to be “The Guy in the Glass? by Dale Wimbrow. My math teacher gave it to me my senior year, before we all went off to college. It really is a good poem to read and think about your life, and your actions in it. It makes you reflect upon how you feel about things you have done, or it will make you think twice about actions you may take in the future. It is a message that most people need to hear, but never do. It basically says you need to be true to yourself, and not cheat yourself.

1. To me poetry means a way to share an idea, story or life lesson in the form of written or spoken forms.

2. The poem I chose was "Time" by Pink Floyd. I really like this song because it is just about life in general, and how it progresses. In the here and now you don't think about how you have limited days and how the next thing you know you've become older and death comes before you even realize it, and there is often a lot that you had wanted to do before you die.

1. Poetry to me is a form of sharing stories or feelings that a person has. It can come from an old fable to short romantic peoms that are sometimes used.

2. The peom that I chose is "Amarillo Sky" a song by Jason Aldean. This is a song about the hardships that farmers are going through, with prices and hard work. It all rounds up with working hard and pushing through to get to the days end. At the end doing what you love is what you need at the end of the day

I think poetry is any written art form. It is difficult to describe, because it consists of so many different things, from poems to songs to stories. The topics of poetry are nearly endless. They could be about anything, love and hate, friendship, it could be about yourself or talk about a topic or expres feelings. It could be in your face or have thick subtext. Some of poetry is also open to interpretation and could mean different things to different people. When I think of poetry, I think of art and creativity, as well as the big names like Poe and Frost.
I enjoy the poem One Inch Tall by Shel Silverstein, because I love its simplicity and it makes me happy. It was one of the first poems I ever read in school, and I love it!

Poetry is a form of human expression can tell a story and an emotion. It is a different form of a story in a sense that it is not so narrative and has a more "loaded" connotation. I use the term "loaded" since there are generally less words and more of a dense meaning to each word an phrase than in a normal narrative story. I think that songs are a nice form of poetic expression and one that jumps out to me that is more along the lines of a strong american family is LeeAnn Rhimes "Family." It is a song that tells about a family and how each person is going through their daily normalities. The message is that everyone is part of the family no matter what and should be accepted for simply who they are.

1. I see poetry as an opportunity to express emotion, thoughts, ideas, or past experiences through a unique, imaginative way.
2. Two of my favorite poems are "I Hope You Dance" by Lee Ann Womack and "Do Not Stand at My Grave and Weep" by Mary Elizabeth Frye. The 1st poem being a constant reminder of how to live life to the fullest; never taking life for granted or settling for the path of least resistance, and always giving faith a fighting chance. The 2nd poem expressing how comforting it is to believe that death is not the end. And that even after a loved one is taken away, you can still feel their presence everywhere in everything, with trust they're watching over you.

To me poetry is a creative expression of feelings or ideas. Poetry also is in many cases confusing to me and requires thought in order to fully understand the message of the author.

A poem that I have liked since I was young is “The Twistable Turnable Man? by Shel Silverstein. I first heard this poem in second grade when my teacher red it to the class. The way my teacher red the poem made it memorable to me. The poem is not insightful and does not have a powerful message but I have always liked it.

Poetry to me is a vast variety of ways to express ones feelings/emotions in a way that sometimes only they can understand. I use poetry when writing music because it always has a flow that seems to catch ones attention.

One particular piece that I ran across especially caught my attention, which is “A Family is Like? (written by Nicole M. O’Neil). This poem really brings across the point that every family has its ups and downs, but when it comes down to the bitter bone they are the foundation that keeps one stable. This depicts exactly what my family is like. No one’s personality is even close to similar and it commonly causes a lot of arguments and anger, but when someone is in need of help everyone within my family steps up to the plate to support one another. If I didn’t have the loving and forgiving parents and relatives I have I have no idea where I would be right now!

The word poetry does not maintain a positive connotation in my book. But that’s just the word itself. Poetry tends to have a bad reputation, considered by some to be a flowery jumble of lofty lingo. And to a certain extent I agree. I enjoy sneaking in subtle references when crafting a poem, but to constantly decipher these in other people’s work detracts from the poem’s meaning.
I was very surprised to see other mentions of Shel Silverstein in previous responses, I thought for sure my childhood selection would stand alone. Where the Sidewalk Ends was the poem I selected, and though it is geared towards children, I think the implications go much deeper. It’s an relevant reminder for all people that we need to slow down and appreciate the truly important things. Since there has already been significant mention of Mr. Silverstein, I will offer Bon Iver’s song Skinny Love as my runner up. It is a powerful song in musical and lyrical terms, capturing the turmoil of relationships more accurately and eloquently than most. I would consider both to be favorites in their own regards.

Poetry has many connotations for me depending on my mood or the circumstance. I think of poetry as free-spirit, yet rigid. It is enlightening, yet complex. Poetry is a writer’s excuse to express emotion with a free mind or complete structure, depending on the style desired. Poetry comes in too many forms to be able to have on set feeling towards it. I appreciate the complexity that accompanies poems, but sometimes get lost in my own confusion. Therefore, my favorite poem is called Snowball, by Shel Silverstein. It is the essence of simplicity and childlike spirit. It talks of a kid taking a care of a snowball as a pet, then becoming sad when he thinks it ran away in the night, having first wet the bed. This poem made me smile and laugh, it struck my emotions. It reads off the paper well, leaving a sense of happiness without any confusion. I haven’t ever gotten bored of hearing it.

Poetry to me is a way to express what we feel, see, learn, want, and so many other feelings and emotions. There isn't just one definition of poetry because to each person they have their own definition and way of reading a poem.

As for a favorite poem I actually have two that I can think of right now. Both of them I remember learning about in a literature class I had in High School.
One is "A dream within a dream" by Edgar Allan Poe. I like this because I sometimes often feel that experiences often feel like a dream and often question the reality of a situation and just hope that if it is a dream that it doesn't end.
The second one is "I wandered lonely as a cloud" by William Wordsworth. This one reminds me that on a bad day there is still hope of happiness even if it is just a memory of something as simple as a daffodil. Just the mere thought of this happy thing can turn a bad day into a better and lighter one

I know that poetry is a relatively broad term, but I would be kidding myself if I didn't acknowledge that when I hear the word "poetry" I think of pretty much anything that rhymes...

If we are willing to consider the broader notion of poetry, then my favorite poems would be by George Clinton..."Maggot Brains" in particular. I'm also quite fon dof the Tao Te Ching, but I don't know if that really falls under poetry to me or not. Allen Ginsburg poems are usually fun.

the word poetry is a broad word but it means to me a way of expressing a feeling in a oral way.

here is the poetry i like "this land is your land" and the reason I like it is because first english is not my first language, so as I was learning english my instructure assigned me this song as an assignment. I listen over and over again in order to understand it then I began liking it. its lyrics connected me where I originally from, in other words, it is like the song talks about my country of origin.

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