"The Trials of Bidder 70" - Abe Streep; "With Carbon Dioxide Emissions at Record High..."


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As I read through "The trails of bidder 70", I feel excited when I see the words "people are celebrating the clean-energy revolution.." because that is a major problem of our day and age and we need solutions fast. But, as I read on, the harm humanity has already done to Earth is virtually irreversible. DeChristopher is an activist and opposes President Obama and his policies. I thought this article was a cool take on the environmental debate and how far people will go to prove a point. DeChristopher fought and falsely bid on public lands and ended up in prison. This article sparks interest in myself to look into Obama's nature policies and see what DeChristopher's point of view on them. I also read "With Carbon Dioxide Emissions at Record High..." and it explained that out emissions are so high that the planet has warmed 3.6 degrees fahrenheit which is going to strongly impact the entire world sooner or later. The article says that emissions are decreasing in developed countries like the US because of economic weakness and also trying to become more environmentally friendly as a whole. But, developing countries are not being as conscious about their emissions and this is why the rate is going up. Developed countries need to help educate developing countries on this topic because we are all in this together. Burning coal is a huge culprit, and other countries needs to focus more on natural gas energy creation methods, etc. We need to find a new energy solution before its too late. Scientists are expecting worse flooding, natural disasters and heat waves in the next couple of years if we do not find a solution to the World's energy crisis fast. This is an extremely hard task but I feel that this is achievable with all the technology we have in 2013. We need to have more funding and education on clean renewable energy and make this a top priority for our country and set an example for others to follow.

I think Tim Dechristopher is a courageous, intelligent, and dumb individual all at the same time. He is intelligent in that he knows where he stands and what he believes in. He knows the facts about drilling for oil, and all the harm it causes to the environment. I think it is kind of funny that just by impulse he told the lady he was a bidder, and also by impulse he raised his number for the bid. He also didn’t have a plan when he was going into the auction. Like the article said, if he would have kept his mouth shut when talking to the officer he wouldn’t be in trouble. That is where I think he is dumb. There is one thing that scares me that he said to the officer. Dechristopher says that all the drilling and shale rock separation is “a death sentence” for his generation. I hope this was another moment when Dechristopher was being dumb. I hope that what we are during for our benefit, isn’t a later “death sentence” for humanity.


After reading the trails of Bidder 70, I had a mix feeling. I know there must had lost of debate about the extreme action that Tim DeChristoper took to stop the industry damaging the environment, but I think even he might be too impulsive, his purpose wasn’t bad. Actually, within the society today, we all used to the “easy” life, and people were not willing to change, so we just pretended that the environment was fine, and what we need to do just take some little actions and try to protect what we had right now. However, this was not the reality, and even for those who knew the truth were chose to hide the truth. Why? Is that because of the economic or just because those people who own the power not willing to lose what they are able to control? As a person who cares about environment and care about the future generation, DeChristoper was doing what he is able to do. The power for an individual was too small to against those huge, powerful organizations, the whole industry, or even the government, so he had no choice, so he became extreme and did things that what others might think was silly. But he did get people’s attention and the government’s attention. He also made us to think. He made us to think about the situation we are facing today; he made us to realize the situation is terrible, and we really need to take action even it might be late already. Even what DeChristoper did might not be approved by the law, I still think he was brave. If our government or industry care more about the environment instead of the economy, if they took right action and not hiding the truth, if they brave enough to face the problems and willing to change, then there is not need for an individual to become such extreme. I am sure DeChristoper tried to use other ways to protect the environment, but that did not work which forced him became who he was today. He was hopeless and had no choice; he was doing what he can do to stop the damage of our environment. I felt sad. I felt disappointed about the situation we are facing today, and I worried about our future. It’s hard for people to give up their own good for something that they are not able to predict, and that’s why it was so hard for the society to change.


My initial reaction after reading "The Trials of Bidder 70" was shocked. For Time DeChristopher, he protested and stood his ground, but sometimes standing your ground isn't enough. He learned it the hard way by going to the auction and messing it up. He did it purposefully to prevent oil extractions, but somehow people saw that as going to far. To me, I believe everyone should have an opinion. Sometimes it is easier to make a bold statement by going into an auction and going against the rules.
I thought it was especially symbolic of him when he said, " suggesting that 18 year olds stand on mountaintops and risk arrest." The symbolism is that 18 year olds signify the urge for wanting freedom. This freedom is from their parents; however, the freedom mentioned in DeChristopher's case is that the mountaintop removal of the coal should be freed. DeChristopher may have been influenced by Edward Abbey readings, but he knew where nature stood. Nature just wants a free landscape.

"The trials of Bidder 70" really got me thinking. It is astounding to see how one man such as DeChristopher can take such initiative and make a difference. He has dedicated his entire life in order to make a difference, and then there are thousands of people in the world that barely even acknowledge these world issues. DeChristopher has a lot of power and I like the way he doesn't mess around. He knows that others like Obama are dinking around and not making decisions, and he is bold enough to actually get things done. I think that's what our society needs. We can't over think things in desperate times like these. WE still need to think smart, but we need to actually step up and take action instead of being all talk. DeChristopher's actions may seem extreme, but these are the first steps to finally changing our world.

The trials of Bidder 70 I think is saying how far are you will to go for what you believe in. Tim DeChristopher, a climate activist was willing to go to the extremes for is cause, going to jail is one. DeChristopher was the instigator for his revolution. A line in the text said, “Every revolution might also need a martyr, and that’s the role DeChristopher has fallen into.” He became a symbol/figure for this climate revolution. Throughout history during revolutions there have always been people who end up going to jail for their cause and becoming a leading figure in that revolution. DeChristopher is there to start the revolution, rally people, and protest. He says, “We’ve won the intellectual battle. Polling shows that most Americans know there’s a problem with climate change. They’re just not actively ready to go out and do something.” DeChristopher is saying that people know what’s happening with the climate, but need to go out and actually protest to see results. He thinks to get results you need to use extreme methods to see a movement happen, he says, “…his incarceration will be effective if, and only if, others follow him into civil disobedience—and, possibly, prison.” DeChristopher thinks that with protest and having a lot of people back up the cause, only then will changes be made to help the climate.

After reading "The Trials of Bidder 70" it caught my attention that Tim DeChristopher was brave and secretive to pose as a bidder but I also feel like he did not think his plan through well enough to keep himself out of trouble. I know his intention was to stand up for what he believed was best for the environment but how he stood up for himself was not bright. There are a few other ways that people stand up for what they believe is best for the environment without getting in trouble with the law but it would be helpful to understand why DeChristopher chose this certain way to do it.

After reading the Carbon Dioxide emissions article, I felt worried that in the past two years we have had increased global warming. Making an effort to decrease global warming has been easier said than done because it takes more than one country to have an effect on the environment. For example, the passage stated that for the past 20 years or so nations have pledged to decrease global warming but take no interest in how to decrease it. I think that is ridiculous because global warming will not go away on its on. We caused it so now we must make sacrifices in order to be satisfied with our environment. It is unrealistic to say that if people make an effort than we can eliminate global warming,technology and industrialization has increased. But, it is possible to decrease global warming if many nations make an effort.

When reading the article about Tim DeChristopher I was very amused by it. DeChristopher goes to an auction and bids with money that he cannot pay and gets arrested. I think that the approach that DeChristopher took was a really bad idea. For someone trying to get a movement to make change, committing crimes to do so will not help your case. DeChristopher only gives his movement a bad reputation and he wonders why his movement isn't making progress. There are many other effective ways to create points of emphasis towards the environment rather than committing felonies. With the emissions article I think something definitely needs to be done because the problem is going anywhere. When it talked about nations "saying" that they will cut back on emissions; that isn't going to work. Some kind of limitation needs to take place that effects all emission producers equally. When the government steps in and takes action I believe that is when change will happen.

After I read "The Trials of Bidder 70" I was very shocked to see how far someone would go to prove a point. Although I admire Tim DeChristopher for standing up for what he believes in, I feel like he may have taken it a little too far. The harm that has been done to the earth is irreversible but people can make changes to help our earth in the future. I think Tim acted on impulse when he claimed that he was a bidder. I was very shocked when I read on and found out he went to jail to stand up for what he believes in. He knows the facts about oil drilling and that it is bad for the environment, but I do think he took his cause a little to far and there are better ways to go about getting your point across. I also read "With Carbon Dioxide Emissions at Record High.." I could not believe that because of our emissions the earth has warmed 3.6 degrees Fahrenheit. The article states that developed countries like in the United States that the emission levels are dropping because the countries are trying to become more environmentally friendly as they become more aware of how they are affecting the world. The countries that are still developing are not as aware of the negative effects of these different emissions. The countries need to find a new source of energy before it is too late. Scientist have predicted worse flooding, heat waves, and natural disasters in the coming years if we don't find solutions fast.

After reading "Trials of Bidder 70" I had mixed feelings about the article. I thought that Tim DeChristopher went about trying to make this change all wrong but at the same time not only thought that it took a huge risk to do this act, but an interesting way to go about it. How can someone be so passionate and willing to make a change about something that they are willing to take a risk and get arrested which he did and bid on something in which he had no money. He was standing up for something that he felt strongly about which is admirable but there are other ways that he could have went about it.
After reading the article Carbon Dioxide article i thought that carbon dioxide emission being at a record high is something that we all should take precautions about. Carbon dioxide is the reason why global warming is present now. We may not be able to take huge steps in reducing this problem and reducing global warming because we as humans are stubborn and don't want to change our habits. But every little bit helps and every little change that we attempt to make helps.

When reading the article "Trials of Bidder 70" I was a little shocked on how Tim DeChristopher tried to make the change he felt was necessary. It was also interesting the lengths he went to to do what he believed was right, he actually got arrested because he bid on something that he felt strongly about but had no money to show for the bid.
Carbon Dioxide was kind of a wake up call for me and the severity of the emissions in our atmosphere. Carbon Dioxide is the major issue that is fueling global warming and our carbon dioxide outtake is at an all time high. We need to understatnd the Carbon Dioxide is a very bad thing and we need to limit it.

After reading Trials of Bidder 70, it amazed me what people do to stick up for what they believe in. He tried to make a change that he thought was needed. I personally do not believe i would go into the same extent that Tim did for the oil drilling. I guess for me i am not in his shoes and personally would not want to be arrested for something that in my opinion does not interest me.
After reading Carbon Dioxide i realized that i need to be very cautious with it. Seeing the amount of damage and global warming it causes breaks my heart. It says that emissions are decreasing in the U.S. because of economic weaknesses. It is also becoming more aware of our surroundings and becoming more environmentally friendly all together. However some countries are not that aware of their emissions and that is what is bringing the rate up.

The trials of Bidder 70 was interesting and made me think about myself and how I can make an impact. It is amazing to me how one man, Dechristopher can make such a difference. He is not a high class scientist either or with some huge degree. He is a normal guy with a college education trying to make a difference in this world. It just shows if you put your mind to something and really care about something you can make a difference. Dechristopher even went to jail because he cares so much about his revolution towards clean energy. This made me think about myself a lot. Even though I am just one person that does not mean I cannot make a difference in this world. If Dechristopher would have thought that way he would not be where he is today. Reading the Carbon Dioxide article it shocked me that the carbon dioxide emission is at a record high. People need to realize what is happening right now and we need to fix it. A lot of people just think they cannot make a difference and they do not do anything. However if we all get together this problem can be fixed. Carbon dioxide is a major issue and people need to know if we do not fix it now we are just making the world worse not only for us but for our kids and the future.

After Reading "The Trials of Bidder 70", I found many interesting things one thing that amused me was how Tim DeChristopher had a lot of courage to help make a difference and stand his ground on what he believes is right. I also found it interesting on how DeChristopher knew what he was doing and didn't mind arguing with the cop. All DeChristopher wanted to do was help improve the environment although it would take many hard tasks he did not mind and gave his all. Although Tim was arrested he felt like he got his point across and proved that if you find something to wrong fight and stand up for what you believe is right.

While reading Abe Streep’s, “The Trial of Bidder 70,” I found it fascinating that so many people were fooled by Dechristopher’s actions. He had them all convinced that he was playing some time of practical joke. Although, to the credit of those environmentalists, that is the simple conclusion to come to. And then they all started to support him because they noticed Dechristopher was playing the role of this generation’s martyr. This is such a courageous act for Dechristopher, and it actually reminds me of something that I’ve done. Each year my high school hosted a silent auction supporting causes such as building schools in Haiti. There was a picture of Adrian Peterson that I started out with the intention to buy, but ended up raising $175 for Haiti schools. I started the bid at $20, when somebody else put $40 down. From this bid, I knew that the other bidder really wanted Peterson’s picture because he raised it by so much, so I bid $60. By this point, I didn’t want to pay $60 for it, but just raise more money for Haiti. As I expected, the other bidder wrote down $80. We continued with this pattern until I lowered my raise to $170, telling the other bidder that I would not bid anymore. At that point, I was too scared that I might have to pay such a high price price.

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