November 28, 2007

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November 29, 2007

Gopher Spirit vs. Badger Spirit

The Wisconsin/Minnesota rivalry has been going on for years. Yet the Wisconsin Badgers always seem to have the upper hand, and it's not always because of their athletic ability. Growing up in the heart of badger country, I know the true meaning of Badger pride. These people revolve their lives around Badger football, hockey and basketball. It's almost a branched religion of Farveism. When you go into Camp Randall, Wisconsin's football stadium, their is no question you are amongst Badgers. It's a sea of red. They're also a school known for their "Jump Around" and insane student section.

Although this is against Northwestern..the same happens to me, I know from personal experience!

Not that Minnesotans don't love being Gophers, there isn't the same sense of bonding and support for our golden gophers. Football and Hockey games are only sports that draw in fans, most of which consist of those who either like to drink or are into sports. For the Badgers, it doesn't matter if you give a rats ass about athletics...your at the game. When I typed into Youtubes search engine Minnesota Gopher game, among various other keywords, there weren’t exactly a lot of options. It consisted of old ESPN clips or clps of the marching band. No offense to ESPN or the band, but it doesn't make us a memorable school. What I did find, was a clip that supports that fact that if someone was shown that stadium, they couldn’t even guess what team it was because the only people wearing yellow were in a very dispersed student section. At Wisconsin games, even the parents wear the colors. At Wisconsin games, there's always a song or a cheer going on. Not so much at Gopher games.

There is something to be said for the fact that there’s so much more to do here in the twin cities. Downtown, uptown, St.Paul and everything the neighboring cities have to offer, provide much more entertainment then a college football game. In Wisconsin, there is only Badger games to entertain yourself. The badgers have also had a long standing reputation of excelling at many athletic events, so successive wins are sure to bring in a crowd. Look at our hockey team!

I don’t say this because I’m not a Gopher fan, in fact I am, but what the problem is, is the lack of enthusiasm and pride for our Gopher athletics. The feeling is so different, and the attitudes of the students doesn't have the same value. But if even our littlest fans can learn the Rouser, we can't be doing that bad!

Three Best Video Clips You Can Get

December 2, 2007


There are just some christmas movies that are infamous in our culture. Movies that you can't help but watch them, or ones that you can't get away from because they're so over played. This is a collection of some of the most famous and best Christmas movies we see each holiday season!

December 5, 2007

Soulja Boy

Inspired by the Revolution of Dance, if that guy extended his routine, it would have to include Soulja Boy. It seems that the ridiculous song about "crankin dat thing" and "super soaking hoes" is well known by almost all teenage and college students. Not only the song, but the dance is infamous at this point. It's unreal how a mass media artist can make up a simple dance move with a catchy tune, and everyone loves it. Years later, the joking robot we do to be funny, will become solja boy to our kids. You wouldn't believe how many people put up versions of it on YouTube

all the athletes know it...

(Texas Longhorns vs. UCF)

even Winnie the Pooh and his friends know Soulja well as the Lion King, Spongbob Square Pants and Dora the Explorer, The Simpsons, Alvin and the Chipmunks, Superman, South Park, Bambi 2, and Shrek

many parents don't actually know what goes on in their child's ballet practices...

it gives white high school kids the ability to be "hood" and look cool all at the same time

nothing against the song or the dance, it's the pop culture we all know today, but the fact that the music industry can have such and effect is unreal. Those that started hip-hop and were the pioneers of this music genre, would probably be disgusted to know that this is what was popular today.