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Colloquia/ Niedfeldt
Monday, February, 13, 2006

Georgetown University’s Elisa Hurley spoke of ‘Normativity and the Moral Life of Emotions’ in the Philosophy department of the University of Minnesota- Duluth on Feb. 10th.
Hurley began her speech with an introduction about how “Reflection on everyday moral life suggests that emotions (and not just actions) are legitimately subject to our moral assesments, including our assesments that we sometimes ought and ought not to have.?
She spoke very articulately throughout the speech and clarified certain issues as she preceded. Hurley did stop every once in a while to in fact, clarify that she was not defending certain claims that she was making about how; exactly, it is to feel fear and such emotions.
Acoording to Hurley, “Feelings seem to be conceptualized by emotion.? She also said that “Emotions are goverend by intentionality,? so in a sense, intentionality is the basis for feelings? Despite her efforts to answer questions from the audience, listeners were still left with many unanswered questions, and a sense of confusion.
Although seemingly very intelligent, Hurley came off as a bit over the top. Obviously intrigued by her studies, she was constantly moving her hands while she spoke and was pacing about the room. She almost made myself and other audience members nervous the way she was exuding her own anxiety.
Hurley is a very accomplished young lady. The holder of a Ph.D. in Philosophy, Hurley, has been published numerous times for her research and studies in topics of emotion. She has been published in Consciousness and Emotion: Agency, Conscious Choice, and Selective Perception for her piece titled ‘ Apt affect: Moral concept mastery and the phenomology of emotions.’
For more information, or further dates to attend a colloquia provided by Elisa Hurley, please visit the Georgetown University’s website.