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My Plan

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Here is an image that I am thinking about using watercolor as a base and doing the image transfers over.


Image Transfer images

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Here are some images that I found that use image transfers.





Polaroid Image Transfer

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This is done differently than the inkjet transparency. Polaroid Image Transfer is the way a lot of artists are using image transfer. I will be using transparencies for my digital focus.

Image Transfer Artists

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Peter G. Balazsy uses image transfer in his work. I like the full color images of these with the grunge look behind it.

Kathleen Carr is a photographer that uses polaroid image transfer of her photos.

Here are image transfers done by Marek Uliasz.

Image Transfer Artist

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Here is an artist Lesley Riley, who uses image transfer with quilts and books. She also has tips on image transfer on her website.


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I found this British artist Deborah Schenck who uses image transfer in her art.

I really like her style. This is similar to something I would like to do. Here are some images of her work.

Sepia Peony Print.jpeg

Picture 1.png

Picture 2.png

Picture 3.png

More Ideas

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I found these images that are similar styles in what I want to do.

This first one is similar in style to what I would like to do. The subject matter is different than what I like. The high contrast between the transfer image and the textured background is what I like about it.

This second image is again similar. I like how they took music sheets and transfered an image over that. the grunge style of the paper makes it look very interesting.

This last image I like because of the elegance of it. I'm thinking that I want to do something that is "classy" or elegant looking.

I found this blog that talks a lot about image transfers, which is helpful. It has many examples of what you can transfer onto and how to do it.

Here is the video of how I will most likely be doing the image transfers.

Digital Focus Idea

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My idea for digital focus is to do a series of posters with digital transfers on canvas or fabric that has water color on it. I attached a link from Joellyn's blog that closely relates to what I want to do. I like the high contrast of a black image over a watercolor background.


Digital Monoprint Transfers.jpeg

Mardi Gras Event Analysis

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The flash mob sense of our event was great. People who were sitting in the lounge were very surprised at the sudden noise and dancing. I noticed some perspective families that were getting into with accepting beads and candy and watching. Someone sitting next to me was sleeping, and didn't appreciate the excitement our group had for Mardi Gras.

Having masks to hand out was good to get people more into the dancing, and spirit of Mardi Gras. It was mostly other art students that took them, but it was good to get more people involved. The parade back to the Library was good to, many students in the hall gave us a little cheer in celebration.

Some things that could have gone better, it would have been nice to have more of an abrupt start, to really startle people. The music started and people slowly got up. Part of it, was the stage was there and didn't give a good stage for our dancers, so we couldn't really stand around them. Since the stage was set up though, we could have mixed a video with the music to make it more digital and remixed.

After all of us did group brainstorming, I personally helped a lot with making an actual plan, what we were going to do and weed out the ideas that weren't as successful or would be hard to accomplish without a budget or more planning time. That way we actually had a reasonable plan we could accomplish and start working on making our masks and making a list of things we needed. Lauren helped out a lot after that to make a very detailed plan for the event. I helped make a bunch of masks to hand out to people, and getting those organized to hand out with strings on all of them. Once our group came up with a plan it was easier to get stuff done. When we decided on the flash mob idea versus starting with a parade, there was more excitement and involvement from the group.

Overall, I think the event was fun and we accomplished our flash mob idea, and had a good time dancing. One more thing that would have been nice would be to have more people dancing, or a shorter song. I noticed that some people that were in the lounge left after a little while, because they weren't sure how long we would be, and a lot of the art students started to stand around. With a more focused "mini-event" or shorter time, it would have been good. Handing out masks and candy was a good way to get more involved and the excitement higher.

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