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Work in Progress

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Here is an idea of what I am going towards.

These are two of the better canvas transfers. I have decided that for my final pieces, they need to have clear dark lines. I like the idea of the gridded piece, I just need to make my image darker so the transfer will work better. I like the lighter colored watercolor, and I think the cotton will help make it lighter and give a darker transfer. On Tuesday I am going to have more pieces on cotton fabric and more canvas transfers. (I'm just working out of town tomorrow and Thursday so I had to post this earlier because I won't have my computer.) By Tuesday I will have pieces that will be similar to the final production piece and have some works that could stand as their own piece.

Photo 341.jpg

Photo 338.jpg

More Experimenting.

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Here is more work that i have done. I discovered that the rice paper that is very thin, does not work for this kind of image transfer. It's too thin to brush the matte medium on. I like how the thicker paper works. I will be trying more on canvas and on cotton fabric to see how that transfers.

Photo 330.jpg

Photo 329.jpg

Photo 331.jpg

These images I think worked out better.

Photo 328.jpg

Photo 332.jpg

Photo 335.jpg

These are two ways that I like the watercolor, but I knew the image transfer would not work on this paper.

Photo 324.jpg

Photo 327.jpg

Work for Crit 1


Here are two different image transfers. They are both using inkjet transparencies. The first one was done to try it out. The second I used acrylic paint on canvas. With a higher contrast image.
Photo 326.jpg
Photo 325.jpg

Blogs & Images I Discovered

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These are two blogs that I found searching online. They both have a little about different ways you can use image transfers and how they worked for them.

Blog 1
Blog 2

Here are a couple images using watercolor and ink jet transperancies which is very similar to what I would like to do.




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