Work for Crit 1


Here are two different image transfers. They are both using inkjet transparencies. The first one was done to try it out. The second I used acrylic paint on canvas. With a higher contrast image.
Photo 326.jpg
Photo 325.jpg


I like how the first image turned out. I think that they way it transferred with some of the images not transferring all the way gave it an interesting effect.

I like Joellyn's idea about making the brush strokes make the shape of the flower. That way it will really define your image and it won't look like a bunch of colors mashed together in the background. I think strategically placing color would be something to focus on for your next experiment and see if it works.

I like the idea of making posters using image transfer. I liked how your first images turned out with the partial parts of the image not transferring, i like the tattered/worn look. I want to see how the transparency transfers turned out.

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