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Image Transfer Rose

Materials used: Cotton Fabric, Watercolor, Inkjet Transparency, and Matte Medium.

My final contains 9, 8x8 pieces of fabric used to create one image when put together.

My idea behind this project was that I wanted to create something that I could see using in my house as art, I wanted it to look nice and be something that other people would enjoy too. I also wanted to work with image transfer. It seemed interesting and fun. I thought it would be neat to break up my image and have them work together in creating one image.

With this project I did a lot of experimenting with the inkjet transfers, I found out that rice paper doesn't work well, and the matte medium will transfer inks from other things that you are working on. All my trials help a lot in transferring the final pieces just right. One reason I went with the rose was because it is such a full flower and other flowers would not have filled up the space as much, and would be harder to see what it is.

I'm proud with how my final piece works, I think the craftsmanship was done very well on it, the frames are very professional looking that they are in. I think I will probably end up hanging these up in my new house as a piece, And that is where I was originally wanting to display it.

If I were to further expand on this project, I would be interested in transferring images that are more photographic, maybe even using color. I think it would be fun to see a more complex image done on the inkjet transparency. I'm not sure I would break up the image if i tried using photographs though.

Overall, I did enjoy doing this project and I am satisfied with my final result.

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