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Journal Entry 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6

Things of importance during my day.

2 - Wednesday April 28th
was a crazy busy day
-went to classes in the morning from 10-2
-then I went straight to work
-after work, I had a meeting for servant team at 10:00 and then went to bed

3 - Thursday April 29th
Thursday was a very stressful day.
-class from 8 - 12 then I worked on my painting until history of Graphic Design, then I went back to working on my painting. I worked on my painting until Intervarsity Christian Fellowship which joined with Campus Crusade for the night. After that, I debated going back to work on my painting but decided against it after being too stressed to even work, it was late, and I needed sleep.

4 - Friday April 30th
The day I will remember forever.
I set my alarm early to work on my painting with the plan of working at 5pm at DSW until close. I spent all day painting and had made plans with a roommate (Jess) to go out for coffee right before work. Being stressed with my painting I called Jess to bring our coffee date to the painting studio so I could get as much done as possible. Jess was so excited about going for coffee and also wanted to take rain pictures for her photo class, that I couldn't cancel on her. On my way home from the studio, I called Jess to she if she was ready. She informed me that our other housemate (Beau) would be joining us for coffee and he would be driving.
Since I was crunched for time, I quickly got ready for work before heading out for coffee and pictures. At the Dunn Bros, I got an English Toffee latte and a piece of cheesecake. The coffee man made a heart in my latte art, crazy coincidence! After finishing my cheesecake, we were out to take rain pictures in the rose garden. We began walking around in the sprinkling rain taking pictures. I noticed someone looking out over the railing at Lake Superior with a large umbrella hiding his upper body, perfect rain picture, right? As Jess and I walked up to ask if we could take his picture, I noticed the shoes, my boyfriend (Tait) has those same shoes. Getting closer, I had a feeling... then I saw his face! Tait had come to Duluth to surprise me! He gave me 2 dozen roses and one white rose, for the new step that we would soon be taking. Jess and Beau then left, bringing my roses back to our house for me. Tait and I then began to walk down the boardwalk. I asked him about work, and he had called my managers to have scheduled for work, but not actually working, so that my night would be free. Along the way, we stopped at Leif Erickson Park and he gave me a slip of paper to read out loud. "Remember when? ... Don't forget". Continuing down the boardwalk, walking and talking, we stopped again behind Va Bene, where we have had a couple dates. I got another slip of paper, "Remember when? ... Don't forget". On our walk towards Canal Park, I received two more slips of paper, "Remember when? ... Don't forget". We then preceded to make our way out to the pier. When we got to the stairs, Tait began telling me how the past year and a half (to the date) have been unforgettable, how much he loves me, how he wants to spend the rest of his life with me, and more wonderful things. He then got down on one knee, and asked me to marry him. I said yes and he hugged me and spun me around, then he put the absolutely gorgeous ring on my finger. Noticing a guy taking pictures of us, I asked about him and Tait had arranged for my cousin to take some pictures of the proposal. I was then informed that there was a party at my parents' house in Ham Lake with his family and mine. We stopped at worked quick to show of my ring and then to my house to show roommates. Then we were off to Ham Lake. On the way down, we called all of our friends and shared the exciting news with them! Arriving at my parents house a half hour late to our own party, we walked into a house full of excited family members. Everyone was so excited gave their congratulations. There were toasts given, cake, and talk of plans for the future!

I'm getting married!! :D

5 - Saturday, May 1
back to reality.
-woke up early for pancakes and had to leave my fiance behind so I could head back to Duluth for work.
-at work, I got nothing done and stared at my beautiful ring all day.
-after work I attended the attitudes dance show and showed my freshmen roommate and close friends my ring and gave them the news!
-when I got home, there were more roommates to share the news with and talk about getting married and getting all excited!

6 - Sunday, May 2
all work, no play
- went to church in the morning and headed straight to work afterward.
- worked all afternoon and wished that I could have been planning for a wedding
- as soon as I was done working, I went back to the painting studio to face my painting that had been put to the side during all the busyness and excitement. Down fall to that... I didn't sleep at all. I was working on my painting until 7:30 in the morning.

Journal Entry 1, Tuesday 4-27-10

Things of importance today:
- spent 3 hours drawing a grid on my canvas for painting II, I made 1 inch squares on a 4x5 foot canvas. (2880 squares)
- slacklined for the first time this year, very exciting!
- had a planning meeting for intervarsity about next year.

The Family Farm

Mood Board Brochure


The Golden Mean

Something that really stuck out to me in this reading was the importance of the Golden mean, currently in another class we are creating books and working with the golden mean. It really helps with organization and helps you place text or images where you want. And with the grid system, the more columns you have, the more layout options you have. My project is the family farm and I will be creating a 4x4 inch book. I plan to use the golden mean and grid system for organization purposes. It makes it look much cleaner and brings unity to all the pages.

"...good design means as little design as possible..."

Contemporary Designs from Previous Art Movements

Here is an image that looks like it is from the pop art movement. It resembles Lichtenstein's work. With the dotted lips and the simple silk screened color, it looks as though from the pop art era.

Posters in the works

Harmony with head figures

Harmony with hands placing them together.

Poster Anatomy

I found this poster about Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
this idea came from the goblet and the faces optical illusion
The color red on black could have come from a number of poster. Many poster do it for a dramatic feel. Here a is poster that could have inspired this design or even quite possibly was inspired by the Indiana Jones poster.

Reading Response - Anatomy

I read the 1st link on anatomy and found it very interesting! I'v never really thought about the trail of where all the ideas came from. It make sense why it is so long though, it is hard to create something that is unrelated to anything you have seen before. Subconsciously our work has some sort reference to designs we have seen previously, even if we didn't take note of it. Although some of the images seem far-fetched in the process, I'm sure that in someway they do work, even if they didn't directly look at that image and put it into the iraq poster.

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