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My computer's hard drive crashed recently and so I had to replace it. Luckily I caught the crashing in the act so all of my files were able to be backed up. My computer was fixed promptly by the Apple service providers right here on campus.

After I picked up my computer, Apple sent me a survey about my recent experience with the Apple service providers. In the spirit of this class, I happily took the survey.

The survey was short, only 10 questions. I was glad it was short because there is nothing worse than taking a survey that claims it will only take 5 minutes but then ends up being closer to 10 or 15.

The survey had a variety of question types, which was conducive to what a survey should have. The types included Likert Scales, rating and nominal. At the end of the short survey there was also a place to include information that was not asked in the survey. I didn't have much additional information to add so I left that blank.

I would think that Apple gets a relatively decent response rate to this survey. This could be mostly because those who have Apple products are generally satisfied with their products and are very loyal to the brand, willing to do a lot to help the brand. I am one of those people.

This survey seemed like it had been laid out very well. I was pleased with how short it was and the questions were likely to give good insight to Apple about how they can better serve their customers if there is need for future service to their products.


I too, am very loyal to the Apple brand and its products like you are. When I first got my computer three years ago, I purchased AppleCare insurance. Since I have insurance through Apple, every couple of months and after every time that I have something that needs to be fixed on my computer, I also receive a survey from Apple, typically to my email address. Some of them have been similar to the one you took; however, I think it is unique that Apple updates their customer service surveys quite often. Most recently, I took one that had several dichotomous questions, open-ended questions, and attitudinal questions. The survey also asked me to comment on how the experience I had made me feel toward all Apple products and the brand itself. I agree with you that Apple probably has a decent response rate for these surveys, because they are very good with communicating with their customers in order to enhance their brand satisfaction.

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