Who is actually engaging with your brand on Facebook?

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This morning I noticed "Facebook" was trending on Twitter. I always get a kick out of that because in my experience the population seems to go back and forth between the two social media giants. I got curious and followed the link, to my delight I found some content for this very blog. Read on and indulge in my findings.

A new study suggests that of brand fans on Facebook, only 6 percent engage with that brand. This news is not so good for big brands who like to boast about how many fans they have acquired on the site.

The study was conducted by Napkin Labs who studied fan engagement on more than 50 brand pages. Each of these brands had between 200,000 and 1 million fans. Another interesting fact-the more fans a brand has the less engagement their page attracts.

The research group found that of the fans on the page there are so called "superfans" who are worth 75 average fans. These "superfans" like 10 posts, share 5 pieces of content and comment once. These fans also get more likes and shares of the content they post than other fans.

I found this article incredibly interesting! What does this mean for brands and companies? It means that the groups may need to measure how effective their social media presence is and really get down to business with the core group of fans on their page.

Take a look at the article, I think you would enjoy it as well.

Until next time, research on.

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