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Yesterday I attended a promotional products convention with my boss. There were a great deal of vendors there to push their fun products to marketing managers from throughout the Twin Cities. It was cool to see all the vendors and all the fun things they have figured out a way to print a logo onto.

One way to catch a person and get them to take a survey is an ad hoc format. As my boss and I were leaving, there was a small table with a sign politely asking us to take a short survey.

We could tell the survey was short as it was printed on a half piece of paper. My boss, Jacqueline, felt obligated to take the survey about her experience at the convention saying that she asks people to take surveys for her all the time in her daily work.

I participated as well. The survey asked only five questions. Three were Likert scale responses and the other two were free response questions about what we liked and didn't like about the convention.

I noticed the table when we arrived at the convention and noticed they had representatives asking participants on their way out to please take the survey. My guess is that many people took the survey when asked, but when the representatives left their post, fewer took the survey or even noticed the table. Presumably, the responses will have come from mostly people who were leaving the convention when a representative was available to ask them to take the survey. Politely and with a smile too.

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