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The University of Minnesota prides itself on being a research institution. There are classes based on research, thousands of research studies and numerous research assistant student jobs. Being a student at the University of Minnesota, I have the grand opportunity to take part in research studies all the time. Earlier this week, I did just that.

The School of Journalism and Mass Communication is where I was a participant in a research study. It was a cool experience. This study is a two part survey of attitudes toward brands. I took the first part of this study online and the second part will be online as well.

I answered questions about how I felt about various brands that are available for consumers today. Most of them seemed to be food related brands. At the end of the survey I answered questions about some of my political views. Further, there were questions about how much I knew about our government and its process. Shout out to my high school government teacher, Mr. Amdahl for making me nail the basics, because I knew all those questions.

I have to wonder if the researchers are trying to find out if political attitudes have any affect on a person's person feelings toward a brand. As a consumer I can say that my more liberal beliefs don't affect the brands I love and the brands I hate, but maybe they do. It is certainly something to ponder.

Remember, research is everywhere and this time it's close to home.

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