More Women Behind the Wheel

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A recent study by researchers at the University of Michigan has found there are more women than men behind the wheel these days. I couldn't resist blogging about this because of that pesky stereotype that men are better drivers than women. I will NEVER claim to be a better driver than most men out there because I am definitely not.

The study showed less people actually get their driver's licenses when they come of age than previously and that of those that do more young women are getting their licenses than young men. If this trend continues, the gap will only widen. Could this mean a future of mostly women driving long haul semis and delivering packages?

The authors of the study claim there could be good implications of more women behind the wheel as women tend to purchase smaller, more efficient cars and drive less and more safely than men.

Also interesting is the fact that men have outnumbered women on the roads since the very first Model T came off the assembly line. The article states that unemployment and underemployment may have something to do with declining numbers of male drivers.

The study was conducted over a 15 year period of time. The researchers must not have had very pressing time and budget constraints if they were able to conduct a study for such a long period of time.

From the way the article was written, it sounds as if the study used data from the entire population in the United States, another very time consuming and costly way to conduct the study.

In case any of you want to read this study, you can take a look here.

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