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I work as the Marketing and Communications Intern at Parking and Transportation services here on campus. We offer a number of services to students, faculty and staff and visitors to the University everyday. With over 80,000 people on campus each day, we need to know how our visitors feel about our services.

One of the biggest services we offer are the Campus Connectors. What a great thing to have on such a large campus right? And this year with NextBus bus tracking it's even better. Each fall the communications department sends out a survey for those who ride the campus connectors. We use an ad hoc method to get people to take the surveys. We create a short survey and the bus drivers hand them to students as they get on the bus and collect them as they get off. It's a pretty good way to get responses from students.

One problem I see with this method of research is that if students waited longer than they wished for a connector, then their responses to the survey will probably reflect how they are feeling when they get on the bus. We could try to get responses from students in another way to avoid this, perhaps by e-mailing the survey like other departments at the University do. For now though, the ad hoc method is working alright.

To end this post, I'm going to have to add a shameless plug for Parking and Transportation: PLEASE TAKE OUR SURVEY!

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