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You have all been asked to fill out a survey after checking out at one of your favorite retail outlets. Often the cashier circles in red pen the URL you can follow to take part in the survey. Most of these surveys include questions about your shopping experience.

This morning, I was asked to take part in a different sort of retail research survey. I have to note I was inclined heavily to take part in this particular survey because the e-mail noted I would be able to earn gift card rewards for Express clothing, the company who was soliciting my participation.

I couldn't resist that as I am trying to upkeep this blog and because I love Express clothing. Also, as a former employee of the brand, I was curious to find out what the company wanted to know. After taking a couple of surveys and earning a quarter for each survey I take, I have found these surveys are more about specific shopping and consuming habits.

I should also mention that the headline of the e-mail stated this survey was an "invitation only" situation. Of course I wanted in when I found out it was exclusive! The incentive was an extra bonus. The textbook states that incentive is one of the best ways to increase response rate and I guess I'm only human because it sure worked on me.

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