November 17, 2005

n= dancing, bread a= ???, salad

In a not too distant future, the good Andrews and Nikkis of the world will exist simultaneously as humans and integers.

Kind of like right now. Where n=Nikki, n will spend this day in a workshop with choreographer Liz Lerman before searching out bread for a dinner she will attend later this evening. When a=Andrew, it is unknown how a is spending his day, but his early evening will no doubt include searching out salad for a dinner he will attend later this evening.

If eastbound MetroTransit bus 3A leaves Jones and Eddy Hall at 4:30pm on a Thursday at an average speed of 30mph, at what time will the hipster with the greasy side part and silly iPod shuffle out of the Purple Onion to realize s/he has missed said bus? And at what time will this hipster shrug like it's no big deal in order to save face in front of the cute girl with the pigtails cycling by?

at November 17, 2005 10:33 AM