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Comment on your web site of choice for the final project and on the use of headings, illustrations, and link names in your web site of choice. Refer to Redish where relevant.

The web site of my choice is the University of Minnesota's Writing Studies Department site. Right now, I will briefly talk about the headings, illustrations, and link names on this site.

The homepage has a page title, a level-1 heading, and a level-2 heading. The font of all the text, including heading and body text, is a sans serif font. The page title is 24pt. Both, level-1 and level-2 headings are 18pt.

The size of the body text is 11pt, although the body text under the level-2 heading appears to be somewhat smaller. Also the level-2 headings are bolded, boxed-in, and turn into links. The level-1 heading is a noun phrase heading, whereas the level-2 headings are both statement headings.

Regarding headings on the "Graduate" page, they differ in several ways from the homepage headings. For instance, level-2 headings on this page are 4.5pt smaller than on the homepage. In addition, the level-2 headings are noun phrase headings, instead of statement headings (as was the case on the homepage).

The headings on the M.S. (M.S. in Scientific and Technical Communication) page are even more different. This page only has level-1 headings, which resemble the level-2 headings of the homepage. The headings on this page do not turn into links, though.

There is one illustration on the homepage. It is a mood picture meant to evoke certain emotions. In this instance, I believe the photo on this page was meant to evoke a sense of community among students.

On the "Graduate" page, there is another photograph. Again, it is meant to be a mood picture. It gives the viewer a sense of either one-on-one study guidance or collaboration among students.

The "M.S." page does not contain any illustrations.

Link names
On all the pages there is a left navigation bar with mostly noun/noun phrase link names in capital letters. On most of the pages, there are also links embedded into the text. Most of these link names are also noun/noun phrases. In addition, on the homepage and on the "Graduation" page, level-2 headings turn into links.

One major flaw with the links is that they do not change in any way after a link has been visited.

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Hi Rajeev,

Great ideas here on headings. I had not noticed the discrepency between the Graduate page and the M.S. page with headings. That is an inconsistency that could be changed. So are you thinking about focusing on the graduate page of the site? I think that would be a great way to focus your revision. You also mention the lack of hierarchy in heading structure--good idea to address this as well. Do you think the picture on the graduate page works well enough?

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