Origin of metrical term Asclepiad

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From the OED:

   In Greek and Latin prosody: A verse, invented by Asclepiades, consisting of a spondee, two (or three) choriambi, and an iambus. Also attrib. Hence the adjs.: {dag}a{smm}sclepi{sm}adic (also used subst.), {dag}a{smm}sclepi{sm}adical, a{smm}sclepia{sm}dean.
1656 in BLOUNT Glossogr. 1876 KENNEDY Pub. Sch. Lat. Gram. §265 Of the Asclepiad..Horace employed five systems. Ibid. A stanza composed of three lesser Asclepiad verses. 1546 LANGLEY Pol. Verg. De Invent. I. viii. 17a, Meters..hath their name, eyther..of the inuentour as Æsclepiadicall. 1580 SIDNEY Arcadia (1622) 229 Singing these verses called Asclepiadikes. 1652 E. MARBURY Comm. Habakkuk (1865) 156 Verses, heroic, iambic, asclepiadic [printed -idiac]. 1706 PHILLIPS, Asclepiadean. 1860 SCHMITZ Lat. Gram. 306 The second Asclepiadean metre.

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