Motivation in Coaching

Motivation in coaching is so widely ranged. I believe everyone has their own philosophies and along with that, there are many different determinants involved in motivation. There are things such as: the age and skill level of the team, personnel and personalities of the team involved, and the different coaching philosophies. Great coaches adapt to each environment differently.
What it comes down to is how individuals and the team personality react and do with certain approaches to motivation. Each player responds in a different way, and the challenge is tailering to each of the ways to motivate all, but also keep your own philosophies in tact to keep the respect and ground work down. There are intrinsic and extrensic motivation, and to be effective, their needs to have both elements involved. Certain players react differently to different approaches, so leading by motivating by example and motivating by yelling in your face is a wide range of motivation levels.
I am dealing with that right now. The captain of our team who was an All-American last season and tremendous athlete is having troubles staying motivated and enjoying his last season as a senior. I am good friends with him and am having troubles finding a way to keep him going, and step back up to his level. We have had many talks about trying to get him motivated and know that he just isnt having fun anymore, would just like the season to be over. My challenge is finding a way to motivate him that is different from his old motivation tactics.
I really enjoyed the reading in Why Good Coaches Quit on page 28 called "Jacques & the Battle for East High". This is a good example of how coaches need to make their own footprints, but also tailering to a legendary system that has worked. That is how good coaches succeed. Coaches (or in life for that matter) will never please everyone and make everyone happy, but if you get the respect confidence of your players, that is how teams succeed.
There is no right way to coach. You never are just a coach during coaching hours. It does take time, and knowone can sign up for the job expecting to just coach a team and that's it. A coach is not only trying to better skills of an athlete, they are teaching life lessons as well. There does need to be a player/coach relationship and boundries of both. But good coaches have established boundries and its known by the players. It gets respect from coaches and players, but makes it also business pleasure.