Coaching Parents

The NAPSE brochure is one of the many fantastic resources I have been completely unaware of until this class. Educating yourself whenever possible I believe is a good rule to go by, and this brochure allows parents to do just that. The development a child can receive from relationships and experiences through sport is endless when provided with the correct tools. I often feel it is much easier for youth sports to be ruined by adults than for the children not to benefit. This brochure helps make parents aware of this and prevent it from happening. I will definitely use these resources as suggestions to parents if relevant issues were to arise.

I found Warrens' story very interesting. As a coach I can understand how quickly and easily Warren and Jenny's case turned in the wrong direction. Especially with how often they were around each other, basically all of their free time. Being around someone that often it can be difficult not to build a relationship more than the professional athlete coach. This is a line I have definitely unintentionally flirted with while coaching. A player continually looking for personal advice or frequent texts can become uncomfortable very quickly. I was impressed with how Warren handled it. He knew it was over his head at this point and sought for advice. The end of this chapter really got me thinking about having a coach I looked up to. I really have been fairly on my own up to this point, mainly by choice. I think creating a more personal, mentor, type situation would be very helpful. Often I feel unsure of what to do and some guidance would be of great help. Coaching with and learning first hand may be a possibility I should explore as well!

I thought the FA videos were very well done. Unfortunately the yelling father is a common theme in youth sports it seems. I have had back to back worst and best experiences with parents this past winter and spring. In one group I knew very few of the parents and would only meet them when they had an issue. I had one mother fight my no F's policy that she signed and agreed to until the day her son was kicked out of the school for his grades. This baffled me and unfortunately was not the only situation with the parents that I felt was inappropriate. This spring all the parents have been very supportive and intent on introducing themselves to me. They are honest with me. They respectably give me ideas, I agree with almost all of them, and give me praise when they are pleased. I am thoroughly enjoying working with this team because the parents let me coach and are extremely supportive and helpful off the court.

Brian Jungwirth