December 12, 2005

rewriting is rad

So as the semester winds down to its fun, fuzzy end, I've been swamped with work. A lot of it's been for other classes; papers I have to start from scratch, or close to it. Those papers are kind of a pain, but the rewriting I've been doing for our class has been an even bigger pain. Wait! That's not true! I expected that the rewriting would be the bain (bane?) of my existance, but it's actually been a whole hell of a lot easier both than I thought it would be and the other papers I'm working on. Maybe that whole 'radical revision' thing is finally starting to work for me.
I think, at least for me, is that I've had some time away from what I wrote before. i can look at it with a fresh perspective. Without that, i felt like I was just rewriting the same paper over again; now it feels like I'm revising something that's already more-or-less finished.

at December 12, 2005 2:30 PM