December 12, 2005

my fourth blog of the day...

So i think there's a real correlation between what I've learned as far as helping others with their writing and more effectively editing my own writing. For anyone that thinks they haven't learned anything in this class, or feels that our class has hurt their writing, chew on that for a little bit. I mean, all of the things we're trained to look for, you can't help but see those shortcomings in your own writing, right? Sure, maybe it takes a little bit of time, to seperate yourself from what you've written, to look at it with a fresh eye. But I've found a plethora of ineptitudes in my writing that I would jump on any student who came into the writing center with.
So for anyone out there who thinks they're the super-badest, ultra-raddest writer around, take a look at something you wrote with the eye of a consultant. I think you'll find you're not nearly as bad-ass as you think. And if you still think you're all that, you're either lying to yourself or blind.

at December 12, 2005 3:09 PM