December 14, 2005

final blog...FOREVER!!!!!

So what should I do with my final blog? So many possibilities...well, I'll start by looking at all that blogging has done for me over the past three months.
1) blogging made me a better person.
2) I learned the true meaning of Christmas.
3) I finally became a man...and a mammal.
4) I discovered a diamond mine, and mined it...hard.
5) I invented a new kind of toothpaste.
6) I built a robot, a robot who loves me.
service learning
But beyond all of these fantastic things, blogging made me write down new ideas and concepts that I came retain and understand information better when you write it down, rqther than just letting it role around in your I guess blogging helped me in that way.
Also, I got to read nice things that people (Adam) had to say about me...also, I got to read a bunch of other stuff...honestly, most of that other stuff wasn't that interesting to me, but other people had some interesting things to say...not to name names (Claire, Adam) but some people seemed to take better advantage of the blogging system than others...
or is it??????

at December 14, 2005 12:25 PM