October 12, 2005



Well, so far so good, I guess...to this point Iíve had six peeps sign on with the program, down with the hippo...the people that did read it, read it right away...and itís cool that a few people got up on it so quickly...but nobody seems all that interested in working on a code of ethics for the writing center...I mean, it seems to me that would be interesting to everyone: we all work here, and weíve spent a lot of time talking about problems we have, issues we face, etc., etc....so I thought a code of ethics would be a good way of setting some ground rules that we could point to when problems arise, someone or something pisses us off, or whatever...so if anyone has any ideas, thoughts both positive and negative, please, please, please, comment to the blog...
After yesterdayís class, I was a lot less uncomfortable with my questionnaire...but, just in case anyone is really, really worried about me, Iím okay with that; I just want to see what comes out of this, then go from there...
Also, someone from the office, but not from the class asked me how the blogs were going, and I told him to find out for himself...hasnít commented yet, so I donít have the data, but at least itís a start to getting those people in line for the hippo express...
has anyone ever noticed how much I resemble a Commodore 64?

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October 5, 2005

Okay, so if youíre reading this blog, youíre really special. Hereís why: Iím doing my research project for the intro to writing consultancy class on the effectiveness of blogs in the writing center. I want to find out if theyíre actually useful for spreading information and having dialogue about issues and ideas related to the center.
So hereís what I want you to do:
-donít tell anyone that youíve read this blog entry
-click on the little Ďcommentí button and let me know that youíve read this, when you read it, comments, etc.
-if youíre in my class, you can use the key word Ďhippopotamusí to clue in myself or anyone else thatís in on my little game that youíre down with the program
-donít tell anyone that youíve read this blog entry
-about the whole spreading info/conducting a dialogue thing: letís try to put together a code of ethics for the Center for Writingís handling of students...I just want to see what people come up with...if you have an idea, please let me know through that little comment button...to get us started, Iíll throw out my idea for the first point, based on journalistic codes of ethics:
1. Maintain honesty with the student, while minimizing potential harm to the studentís ego.
So letís see what else we can come up with.
-donít talk about this blog to anyone until everyone in the class is down with the program
-after everyone in the class is in on this little game, I or Kirsten will send out an email to everyone else in the office extolling the virtues and benefits of the class blogs, etc. At that point, it will move to an office-wide game...woohoo!

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